Blue Fire Burns the Hottest is a devised movement-based piece about searching for answers to the questions of “Who is allowed to ignite fire?,” ''Who is allowed to extinguish fire?,” “How much oxygen does your own inner fire need to stay live?” and "What 'demons' are we fighting?" while also navigating obstacles of hypermasculinity, racism, and assimilation in white, Christian America. In the words of ET the Hip-Hop Rapper, "You gotta do the rope-a-dope baby! What's your strategy?!"

written, directed, + choreographed

by Marissa Joyce Stamps

devised in collaboration with Rajiv Awasthi + Emre Ezer

Development + Production History

-The Orchard Project's Performance Lab (2021)

-Finalist for Center at West Park's Spring Virtual Performance Residency (2021)

- Playwrights Downtown, Workshop  (2019)