written by Marissa Joyce Stamps

“They be ghosts up in here…”
The mortal fear must be running high in the veins... Two men—two rivals—who, after holding out for years, finally come to a now abandoned boxing ring that their fathers, and their fathers' fathers, and so on and so forth fought in to fight for their lives and to claim themselves as the "greatest." In the midst of jabs and hooks, and crosses and uppercuts, they both find themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously, figuring out who they are in relation to higher power.
Blue Fire Burns the Hottest steps into boxing, a sport whose goal is to consciously keep on returning to the ring to inflict pain on another and to constantly study that person all to explore the intersection of hypermasculinity, spirituality, mental health, especially for men of color.

Development + Production History

-The Exponential Festival (upcoming, Fall 2022)

-The Orchard Project's Performance Lab (2021)

-Finalist for Center at West Park's Spring Virtual Performance Residency (2021)

- Playwrights Downtown, Workshop  (2019)