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written by Marissa Joyce Stamps

Celina plans a cookout in her new neighborhood of St. Albans and everyone and their mom is invited. She's making beef burgers. Turkey burgers. Beyond burgers. Salmon burgers. Portobello mushroom burgers. Black bean burgers-you name it. But, what happens when her grill starts to send smoke signals throughout the neighborhood and summons an unlikely neighbor? 

World Premiere @ Brooklyn College's MFA Playwrights' Weasel Fest (2023)

Directed by Talia Paulette Oliveras | Featuring Mariyea and Nile Harris | Scenic Design lucas a degirolamo | Lighting Design Jacqueline Scaletta | Costume Design Sara Vandenheuvel | Sound Design Lola Basiliere | Stage Management Siena Yusi | Photography by Pelenguino

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