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created by Marissa Joyce Stamps

There’s Johnson #1’s feast at 2pm and Johnson #2’s daily prayer at 7am. There’s Johnson #1’s hour-long vomit and there’s Johnson #2’s hour-long jog. There’s Johnson #1’s 5 hours of restless sleep and there’s Johnson #2’s 3 hours of contaminated brainspace. deadbodydeadbodydeadbody is an invitation to voyeur into two unbeknownst rivals as they see sunrise and sunset… and sunrise and sunset… and sunrise and sunset… deadbodydeadbodydeadbody is the 72 hours before the start of the boxing match of the century, the generational death match, that is Stamps’ Blue Fire Burns the Hottest. Can preparation ever be on point?

World Premiere @ Ars Nova's ANT Fest 2022

Directed by Marissa Joyce Stamps | Devised with Danté Charles Crichlow, Ed Ventura & Moses Chavez-Gray | Performed by Danté Charles Crichlow & Moses Chavez-Gray | Produced by Rachel Perez Melian | Stage Management Thalia Sablon | Sound Design and Composition Kiara Negroni-Martinez  | Scenic & Prop Design lucas a degirolamo | Costume Design Sterling Gates | Photography Danny Bristol

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