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The Anthropologists

world premiere Fall 2021 *

written + directed  by Melissa Moschitto

featuring April Barber, Mariah Freda, Kian Johnson, + Marissa Joyce Stamps

visual design by Irina Kuraeva

assistant produced by Lucy Yezulinas

covid compliance supervision by Bailey Wilson

video editing (Vote in Pants) by Audrey E. Lorber

contributing artists include Luisa Alarcon, Becca Bernard, Jazmyn Boone, Myjoycia Cezar, Katie Gilmartin, Alexandra Kumala, Tiffany McCue, China Pharr, Tess Rodriguez, Lynde Rosario, and Thalia Sablon

photography by Jody Christopherson

In the new subversive comedy, No Pants in Tucson, The Anthropologists’ draw upon blatantly bigoted state laws from the 19th and 20th centuries that made it illegal for women to wear pants in public. With a creative and producing team of women, non-binary, and transgender artists, they excavate historical newspaper articles, legal text, and photographic archives to unmask the real lives impacted by these archaic laws.

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