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an interjection of original texts with Theatre Mitu's The Ramayana of St. Valmiki 

written and retold by Ruben Polendo

directed by Mika Wiley

produced by Bianca Rogoff

photography by Joseph J. O'Malley

Sixteen times longer than The Odyssey and The Iliad combined, The Ramayana is considered to be one of the greatest Hindu epic poems. The text tells the story of divine Prince Rama and follows his journey from exile within the Kingdom of Ayodhya and out into the forests of Janaka. It's a myth of love, courage, and pride as he is tested by the gods with wife Sita, brother Lakshmana, and many other friends by his side. Written by Tisch Drama Chair Rubén Polendo in collaboration with Theater Mitu, this adaptation features a collection of retellings that focus on the friendships, alliances, and mishaps that contribute to Rama's journey.

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