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by Marissa Joyce Stamps

It’s Girls’ Night… In!… virtually…

Best friends Peri and Asher hesitantly agree to a video call with Alex and Erin, who want updates on everyone’s global pandemic goals. However, when Peri suggests she’s been sitting in stillness, it is suddenly disrupted. This is a play about what happens when we glitch internally and the process of accepting it.

*full video production available upon request

**photos from the 24 Hour Plays: Nationals 2020 Production

World Premiere @ 24 Hour Plays: Nationals (2020)

Directed by Miranda Cornell | Produced by Ryan Duncan-Ayala | Featuring Sarina Freda, Bailey Lee, Portland Thomas, and Ema Zivkovic

Development + Production History

  • 24 Hour Plays: Nationals (2020) // directed by Miranda Cornell + produced by Ryan Duncan-Ayala

  • Femfest Houston: Black Women's Voices (2020)

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