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at Governor's Island with Rising Sun Performance Co.

devised by The Anthropologists,
written by Melissa Moschitto

original music by Mariah Freda
directed by Rachael Langton
choreography by Marissa Joyce Stamps
properties & design elements support Akia Squitieri
stage managed by Callie Considine
featuring: Emma Copp, Luis Felciano, Jonathan Frye, Leica Lucien + Josephine Pizzino

This Sinking Island is an interactive piece that challenges us to work together to help our neighbors when climate change displaces us from our homes. It's devised in two parts. Part one showcases a chorus of climate refugees who tell their stories of home and how extreme weather changed their lives. Part two focuses the threat of climate change to one story about three siblings who meet an unexpected friend while relocating homes after rising sea levels flood their Manhattan apartment.

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