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A very pregnant mother drifts off to sleep. She enters a dreamspace of everything she wants and more for her son, Max.

Until it no longer is. 

Where the Wild Things Are revisits Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, and thrusts it into conversation with black motherhood, Black adolescence, and consumption of one's culture and without the consequences of owning their identity. 

*photography by Megan Beattie first workshop at Playwrights Downtown

co-written with Char Nakashima; designed by Sterling Gates; featuring Moses Chavez-Gray, Jack Dahill, Elliot Ong, Luke Pengelly, and Marissa Joyce Stamps

written, directed, + choreographed

by Marissa Joyce Stamps

inspired by Maurice Sendak's book of the same name

Development + Production History

- Playwrights Downtown, Production (2020)

*postponed due to Covid-19

- Playwrights Downtown, Workshop (2018)

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